"Embarquement", one of a kind newspaper

When I'm not in the forest, on a trip (which has been rather rare for a year) or on an expedition, I work on my projects in my studio. This morning, I savored the moment by reading the newspaper "Embarquements" (in French). It is a large-format paper newspaper (like Le Devoir and formerly La Presse) offering us a special window on the world.

"Dedicated to the worlds of travel, exploration, adventure and discovery, it combines photos and stories in the vein of the great reportage of yesteryear."

Here's how they describe their project:

"Turn off your screens!
We wanted to create the newspaper that we would like to read. Professional photographers and journalists, we regularly witness the excitement of the world, but we do not always have the last word. With this newspaper, we want to share our work freely, even if it is not formatted for the press. Thus, the model of the newspaper will adapt according to our reports, current events or an unusual look. "

I backed this project and I hope it will live a long time. I invite you to visit their FB page and their website.

In addition to the pleasure of reading interesting content, as there is too little of it and without advertising, I realized with joy during my subscription that transport from France was free.

(Note that I do not receive any compensation for this post. I do it because I think this paper really worth to be discovered).


Adhering to the "code of responsible adventure", I do not geolocate with precision the places I explore, except in a few rare exceptions such as my trips to the Arctic or during a relevant historical reference.


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