Bivouac with Maïkan

Mis à jour : il y a 6 jours

April 5, 2021 —It's the start of spring. I left with Maïkan, my Nordic dog, for a night of bivouac under the stars. In the mountains of Matawinie, we followed a fracture of the ground sheared by a tumultuous mountain torrent swollen by the melting snow. We settle down near a waterfall. I set up my bivouac bag under an overhanging rock to protect me from possible bad weather. The omnipresent sound of the torrent will accompany us throughout this bivouac under the stars. Its roar is the song of spring. It buzzes in my head and echoes in my heart.

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Adhering to the "code of responsible adventure", I do not geolocate with precision the places I explore, except in a few rare exceptions such as my trips to the Arctic or during a relevant historical reference.


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