A navigating officer who "makes her mark".

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Despite the surrounding fog, swell and wind, 2nd Mate Émilie Goulet manoeuvres to keep the 98.33 m icebreaker in a precise position so that coring operations can take place.

Émilie in discussion with Commander Gariepy.

As second mate, she is responsible for the navigation instruments (meteorology, positioning of the ship, controlling the direction of the ship, etc.) and for planning the upcoming courses. I sketch her during the maneuvers.

But Emilie also has another life. She is a professional illustrator. Armed with a DEC in cartooning and intensive training at the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, her work can be found in books published by TC Media Books Inc, Caractère, and Grand Duc, stamp designs by Kraftin Kimmie Stamps, and in a few Toonboom magazines.

Between her wheelhouse shifts, she can be found sketching all over the ship. Her very cartoonish style is very distinctive, lively and jovial.

I invite you, in addition to the following examples of her sketchbook, to visit her website and her Instagram account, where she posts very regularly.


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